Ahmad Method

The Ahmad Method is the Art of Holistic Movement, Awareness, and Health was created in 2008. The movements are simple yet mentally challenging, treating the whole body, mind, spirit.

Learn how we limit our mobility when we overwork our joints by always moving in the same habitual way.  By going more slowly, reducing unnecessary effort, and listening to the body, we learn to use more of our body comfortably in everyday functions.

Pain is often caused by poor use of self for posture and movement habits which were formed by faulty learning, sometimes beginning in childhood.  Needless to say, some pain is a result of accident, illness, or stress, but the capacity to resolve this type of pain is directly related to one’s ability to learn new patterns of movement with less effort as well as improving our self-awareness.

The movements are functionally based and provide the brain with a therapeutic opportunity in which it will assist the body. These Awareness Through Movement lessons are movements/poses that can be practiced at home or office. For more information on classes and fees, contact Michelle Italiano at mickiyog@yahoo.com.