What is Runity?

The Runity methodology defines the scientific properties of running from a biomechanical, neuromuscular, motor learning, psychosocial, and bioenergetics approach. Runity provides technological and human interventions that improve safety and enhanced benefits of the running practice. The Runity philosophy is that everyone should be able to run by teaching painless running. This is achieved by applying the principles of movement efficiency therefore significantly reducing harmful forces that cause injury or simply prevent one’s ability to enjoy running. This scientific view is the foundation Runity was built upon. Running is the most ancient movement form known to man.

Runity was started by Brent Anderson, Blas Chamarro, and Juan Nieto whom have been leaders in the field of qualitative movement for years. Thousands of health care and fitness professionals have successfully been trained as movement teachers through Polestar, an international education company founded by Brent in 1992.

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