Active Isolated Stretching


Over 40 years ago, Aaron Mattes began to develop exercise protocols to increase flexibility and strength for specific muscles and muscle groups. Mattes Method promotes range of motion, restores or develops brain-muscle connectivity, and increases muscle strength, as well as that of other soft tissues including fascia, tendons, and ligaments. In fact, as a strength exercise, AIS promotes healthy bones.

Benefits of A.I.S. Stretching

  1. Identify specific muscles to be stretched
  2. Increase local blood flow, oxygen, and nutrition to tissues before and after activity
  3. Use of proper breathing – the fuel for muscular action comes from the burning of fatty acids and glucose in the presence of oxygen
  4. Maximum safety – hold a stretch to two seconds.
  5. Stretching is a daily requirement
  6. Increased flexibility is achieved by proper stretching implementation that exceeds the momentarily existing range of motion.

Lic. # MA61221
Lic. Estab. # MM32049